30 Days To Drugless Living

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30 Days To Drugless Living is a do-it-yourself, drug abuse recovery program that you can literally pursue in the privacy of your own home. This program will help quickly take away your cravings and teach you how to regain your health and rebuild your body. Whether you are addicted to prescription medication, street and recreational drugs or just plain aspirin, I will show you, step-by-step, how to reverse your cravings, both physically and psychologically.

This book is also highly recommended for any amateur or professional athlete who is either addicted to, or otherwise struggling with, the habitual use of steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. Having been an athlete in my teens, I know the stress and strain that mental, emotional and physical pressure can place upon your body. Every physical action, every concentration of thought, every emotional outburst burns biochemical elements in your body. When these are not replaced on a regular basis, the result can be a drain on your energy reserves, a weakening of muscular strength and agility and a loss of mental equilibrium. Back in my teen age years we used to turn to booze or drugs to ?get back in the groove.? Unfortunately, this course of action often led to habitual abuse and eventually outright drug addiction.

That was my story. But if this is beginning to sound like YOUR story as well, then I invite you to try my drug recovery program?it really works! I guarantee you have never seen anything quite like it before. This is the same program, with a few upgrades, that I PERSONALLY USED to kick a very bad drug habit when I was in my early twenties. I will personally help you overcome the physical and mental damage you may have experienced by excessive use of prescription or recreational drugs.

You will learn about a quick and surefire way to get that monkey off your back. And, in the process, you will learn how to build a strong and resilient body that has no need for any drug stimulation. My program works... I guarantee it!

Purchase this ebook as your first step in taking back your life.

30 Days To Drugless Living
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