The Smart Athletes Ultimate Guide To Natural Sports Nutrition

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This 90 page PDF e-book has more bang for the buck about what you REALLY should know about sports nutrition and recovering from injury, than any other book I've seen in recent years.

For example, a birds eye view of the book reveals a startling assumption - that you don't need expensive doctor visits or super vitamin therapy or performance enhancing drugs to get peak athletic performance from your body.

How so, you ask? Well, consider that the average athlete involved in a competitive sport is told continually that high protein diets, bone crunching strength training routines and super vitamin therapy are the key to building a strong and resilient body.

In fact, your body will respond much better to a moderate consumption of high quality protein, a small amount of fat and a reasonable amount of carbohydrates for energy and heat production. It has also been found that a high intensity strength training routine with the same muscle group on consecutive days doesn't allow the distressed muscle group adequate time to rest and rebuild.

If you would like to get your body performing at its peak for amateur or professional sports the natural way then this book is for you.

The Smart Athletes Ultimate Guide To Natural Sports Nutrition
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