One 15-minute telephone session with Practitioner Paul Harris

Talk to Paul Harris, a knowledgeable Nature Cure Practitioner, about any questions you may have concerning nutrition or any unresolved health issues you may have. Bear in mind that, by law, I cannot give you any provocative advice regarding prescription drugs or specific courses of medical treatments or therapies you should consider for any specific or non-specific ailment.

Although I spent twenty-one years as a consultant to hospitals and medical groups, I am essentially, and gratefully, an alternative Practitioner not a Medical Doctor. However, once I am made aware of your health issues and your particular set of circumstances, I can tell you what I would do to seek lasting relief or a complete healing of the condition if I were in your shoes.

Please Note: For a single telephone consulting session please download, complete, sign, date and return the Telephone Consulting Appointment form. Someone from our office will immediately contact you to determine an agreeable date and time for the first or only telephone consulting session.

One 15-minute telephone session with Practitioner Paul Harris
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Price $30.00