Break Out Of The Sugar Prison

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Break Out Of The Sugar Prison touches on the serious global health issue of sugar addiction, which affects no less than half of the entire population in technologically advanced nations.

Few sugar addicts have any idea about the serious nature of their compulsive behavior. Nor do they recognize or acknowledge that they have a problem with excessive consumption of sugar. Perhaps more than any other reason, this is precisely why the growing menace of sugar addiction and sugar bingeing is of grave concern to health practitioners, across the board.

The question is: what can we do to reverse this deadly trend and help people return to healthier dietary patterns? In recent years, many approaches have been introduced by medical doctors, chiropractors, alternative medicine practitioners, mental health practitioners and nutritionists. Although well-meaning, no technique or system has been found to be effective and appropriate for every manifestation of sugar craving and sugar addiction.

Written in non-technical, conversational language, Break Out Of The Sugar Prison clearly describes a powerful new technique, using Basic States mindfulness and cutting edge nutrition, to immediately stop sugar cravings and bingeing. It goes on to explain how to replenish a nutrient-starved, sugar-compromised body and quickly start recovering from addiction to sugar and sugar by-products.

This unique approach of Basic States mindfulness and nutrition is highly effective due to its ability to quickly arrest the thought process that leads to compulsive, addictive eating patterns. The reader learns how to reinforce a positive mindset through simple but effective daily mindfulness practices.

The Appendix contains many useful aids to help balance and round out the entire protocol. Weekly Diet and Nutrition Worksheets and the Daily Mindfulness for Life Worksheet are designed to keep the reader accountable and focused during the protocol. The 35-page Healthy Recipes section offers a number of delicious and nutritious meals and beverages. They not only help rebuild and rejuvenate a nutritionally depleted, sugar-compromised body. These tasty, natural preparations will please the most discerning palates.

Perhaps the most useful element of the entire book is also found in the Appendix – Daily Mindfulness Flash Cards. These can be removed from the book or photocopied for ease of use as required. One or two cards are carried with the reader to work or during leisurely pursuits. Flash cards have been found to be effective in helping to overcome compulsive, addictive behavior.

In essence, this ground breaking book on sugar addiction describes a breakthrough technique, using Basic States mindfulness and nutrition, to stop sugar cravings, compulsive overeating and sugar bingeing immediately. If you feel the need to scale down your sugar intake and sincerely desire to learn how to stop sugar cravings immediately, this book is your answer.

In the words of Elene Loecher, of the world renowned Dan AndersonRenewal Center, Hazelden Foundation: "What sets this book apart from others on the topic is specific methods to deal with cravings 'right now'. Groundbreaking material."

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Break Out Of The Sugar Prison
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