The Colorado Food Addiction Recovery System-Platinum

Platinum Package: 165-page e-book protocol, 7-week dietary guide and up to 4 mutual email communications between you and me about any of your questions or concerns during the first 60 days of the protocol. You receive a brief Health Evaluation Questionnaire to complete and return to me by email for analysis.

Also included is The Perfect Diet And Lifestyle Calculator I created that you will download along with the e-book and Health Evaluation Questionnaire. It is based on the ground-breaking research of the great Norwegian homeopathic physician; Victor Rocine. After receiving your answers to only 2 questions I will respond with my suggestions for the most rewarding occupations, best exercises, best skills to learn, best basic long-term diet, best geographic areas to live and other pertinent lifestyle recommendations for your specific type

The Colorado Food Addiction Recovery System-Platinum
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